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Marina King, Matron of Honor
Status: Happily Married

Marina and I met in standard 2 in Convent Bukit Nanas. One rainy day, our teacher told us that we had a new student joining our class. As I looked up I saw this ‘matsalleh looking’ girl entering the class and sitting behind me. I then proceeded to turn around and climb onto her desk to introduce myself. That introduction has led to 22 years of friendship, love and support. Marina left for boarding school in form 3 but we always managed to keep in touch via letters and parcels. We were also the biggest Rockers ever!!! Chillie Peppers Rock! And we had the attire to match the attitude. Not sure if that was a good thing. When I moved to London, she became part of the infamous ‘London Posse’. This year, I was her bridesmaid when she married her ‘prince’.


Rekha Sen, Maid of Honour
Status: Single and Fabulous

We were first introduced to each other through Meera at the age of 16. It wasn't until we bumped into each other again one night in Saqs, a club behind KL plaza did we get to know each other better. That night, we were both wearing ill fitted jackets ( Rae's was black with gold buttons and mine was Navy with gold buttons) and high waisted jeans ala Julia Robers in Pretty Woman. We became closer during A-levels at Methodist College and experienced every major fashion faux pas of the century.Think, Maggie Mee Perm (we both had one), long plastic earrings, my tortured artist period and Rekha’s hairband width of a mini skirt…And when it was time to ship out to university, although Rekha was studying in Manchester and I was in London, we still managed to stay close. She was also the first person my parents would call whenever they couldn’t find me. We were inseparable when she moved to London to work. And 14 years later, we are still inseparable and even co-own a business together, Maizen Maison..


Mimi Tan, Bridesmaid at Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Status: Happily Married

Mimi Tan is probably the best-dressed person I know. We met 12 years ago through Barry and Mimi is now married to Ian, Barry’s koko. I was also her bridesmaid at her wedding last year. She and I are email best buddies, she lived in New York whilst I was living in London and we kept in touch via emails, AOL messenger and phone calls. I remember waking up every morning, having my coffee by the computer and catching up with Mimi’s emails or on AOL messenger. Our emails were usually about what was in fashion, what labels to look out for and lots and lots of gossip. Every chance we got, we would get on a plane and visit each other. Also there is no better way to experience New York then with Mimi and Ian. Now there is no better way to experience Dallas. However, she isn’t very good with the emails anymore…Hint! Hint!


Elyna Effendi, Bridesmaid at Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Status: Happily Married

Elyna and I were both studying in London at the same time. We both met one very unforgettable night. It was the night our then X’s dumped us, and we met by chance in the loo of a terribly disgusting bar called Bar Madrid. It was the funniest yet most intimate chance meeting two strangers could have ever shared. She has been one of my best friends ever since and I was her bridesmaid two years ago at her wedding in Bali. Ely was part of the ‘London Posse’ with me and we got up to some mischief, which I can’t really talk about…. It is like fight club…. you can never talk about it!! What is worrying is, she is co-organizing my Hen Party with Rekha…..oh dear…..!!!


Shaline Gnanalingam, Bridesmaid at Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Status: Single but unavailable

Sha (as she is affectionately known) is Ruben’s baby sister and co-conspirator during the picking and purchasing of my ring. She is kind and generous, and has an amazing love for her family. She also has an amazingly close relationship with her brothers. She has always accepted me with open arms and has treated me like a big sister.

For me, this relationship is exceptionally special as I have always been the baby in my household and never had the opportunity to be a ‘Che Che’. Thank you Ruben. Now I have a little sister to love and spoil.


Hira Zazalina, Bridesmaid at Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Status: Happily Married

I met Hira the same time I met Rekha. But between the 3 of us, Rekha was always the angel. When you put Hira and I together, we could only spell trouble. She and I have experienced so much together, both Amran (Hira’s hubby) and Ruben can’t believe the things we used to get up to when we were younger. In fact they call those days an ‘urban legend’,as these days we can barely stay pass midnight without yawning away. Now she has a 1.5 year old son, a lovely husband and a successful IT company. Hira, thanks for always being the other ‘gila’ and sharing all the punishments Mrs Bhupalan gave us. It was definitely more fun being punished with you.


Tay Su Lyn, Bridesmaid at Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Status: Engaged

Now if there could be a prize for the most unusual way of meeting and becoming best friends, i think Su and I win hands down. I met Su through my ex-boyfriend Mel who is her current fiancee. Su is this amazingly beautiful, selfless, generous and kind person. Although we have not known each other for long, she has become a pillar of support to me in my business as well as my personal life. I have so much respect for her as a person as well as businesswoman. But most importantly, it is people like Su who reinstates that good people exist in the world. She could also be responsible for putting the S in ‘Style’...


Tay Shan Li, Bridesmaid at Indian Blessing Ceremony/Bridesmaid at Sheraton Hotel
Status: Single but unavailable!!

Shan and I have a funny story. We had heard about each other way before we even met way back when. Some of our mutual friends thought we were long lost sisters at birth because we look so alike. We finally met in 1991 at the Kenny G concert when we were 16.We got closer the year of A-levels and have been close ever since.


Tracy Gomez, Chief Negotiator at Chinese Tea Ceremony/Bridesmaid at Sheraton Hotel
Status: Happily Married

Trace is the kind of person you fall in love with the minute you meet her, but she is also someone you don't want to mess with. She would most definitely win hands down in any debate or form of confrontation. ..Cameron is definitely going to have a tough time getting pass Miss Gomez!!!


Hallena Majid, Bridesmaid and MC at Sheraton Hotel
Status: Happily Married

Ley (as she is fondly known by her girlies) is the gel that has kept us and will continue keeping us together. She is responsible for reminding us about birthdays, gatherings,( has all the photos from all the birthdays and gatherings)…and how important it is for us to remain close no matter what is happening to our lives. Ley is the heart and soul of our group. We would be lost without her.


Roshni Ananda, MC for Mandarin Oriental
Status: Single and Fabulous

Our very own Posh Rosh (She is so Posh she once broke up with a guy because he was ' too Labour' ) I met Posh in form 4 when our parents made us move schools to Methodist College. Since we were the new girls in that year, we found ourselves hanging out with each other every day. But into the 2nd week, Posh vanishes and goes back to Assunta. She reappears 2 years later during A-levels. She is someone whom you want to confide in, she is kind, comforting, understanding and has an amazing ability to listen. Now our Posh lives in Sydney. Come back honey... it is just not the same without you!!!


Shareen Ramli, Bridesmaid at Sheraton Hotel and 'Singing our Song'
Status: Single and Fabulous!

I haven’t known Miss Ramli for long, but it feels like I have known her forever. She is kind and one of the mushiest people I know. The one thing about her that shines through is her ability to always put others first, she has the biggest heart and kindest soul. I am still not sure how she’ll be able to finish the song without shedding a tear. She cried at Meera's wedding and even when she was watching Meera's wedding video.


Lana Constantine, Organizer of Hen night in NY
Status: Single and Fabulous!

I met Lana last year through Mimi. She is a wonderfully generous person and is the perfect host. Whenever Rae and I are in town, she organizes fantastic dinners and parties, even loaning us her washer and dryer so we can do our laundry. In September, she organized (with the help of Mimi Tan) a decadent hen night in NY. I couldn’t believe the amount of effort and time she put in to ensure that I had a wonderful time during our wink wink!!, at the spa…and those fantastic meals. Thank you so much my dear. You are truly the best!


Meera Sen, Bridesmaid at Sheraton Hotel and Will Be Giving a Reading
Status: Happily Married

Meera has been somewhat of a big sister to me since Form 4 when I first met her. In fact I met Meera before I even met Rekha. When I was studying in London, Meera was working there and we spent most weekends going to parties (part of the infamous London Posse), dinners and shopping (Meera is definitely a pro at shopping!!!!) Meera’s birthday is also 7 days after mine and we are known famously for being hopeless romantics. I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect then Meera to give this reading.


Adeline Wong, Bridesmaid at Sheraton Hotel and Will be playing ‘Our Song'.
Status: Single and hot hot hot…..!

I have known Lin since A levels, she is part of the group of girlies I grew up with. She is known as the ‘musically talented one’. She is a well-known music composer (whom we are so proud of). Whenever we attend Lin’s performances, we tend to pretend it is some Rock concert and cheer loudly and crazily just to embarrass her. She is kind, loving and truly the sweetest thing. Unless, she is shopping…hehehe…but I love you still honey.


Jen Eu.... Doing my do for when I say I do....
Status: Single and Hot Hot Hot!!

Jen is not just my hairstylist, she is my confidante and a friend. We don't hang out as much as we should, mainly because I am such an 'auntie' and stay home most times. I was introduced to Jen by Rae, besides giving me 'great hair', the first thing that struck me about her was what an amazing and wonderful person she is. The one thing which i truly look forward to every 4/5 weeks are my hair appointments where we talk, gossip and just be girls.


Jeanette Ooi.... Bridesmaid at Sheraton Hotel
Status: Not available

I met J about 6 years ago through a mutual friend. Ruben and I had just started dating and we would bump into J everywhere we went. We went from chance meetings to organized lunches and now she is one of my dearest friends. I am also godmother to her beautiful daughter, Kate. J is kind, generous and probably the biggest 'Undercover Softie' around. She is also one of those extremely loyal girlfriends who stands by you no matter what. Little Kate is also my flower girl at my wedding reception.